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The Order of Vespertilio

Vampyre of Darkness

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The Order of Vespertilio

Vampyre Coven: Cult for the lovers of the Dark Gift.

“In love, we will take you,
In Rapture, we will break you,
In Death, we will release you,
No mercy from the Children of Night”

Code of Minuo:
1. The structure of The Order must be followed and respected. One Coven Master that oversees all rituals and enforces the Code of Minuo. Two Coven Vice’s who are second in command.
2. The initiation of a Vespertilian must be done by succeeding the Arcanus Initiation ritual and having approval of the Master and Vice’s. The dark gift cannot be given to anyone who is not fit for independent life.
3. All members of The Order of Vespertilio serve themselves and the coven. Also must respect any alliances of The Order. They also must fully respect Life and Death and the state in between.
4. All Vespertilian must respect the Rituals and Secrecy of The Order. Do not reveal The Order to outsiders without the Coven Master’s permission.
5. Rituals:
-All disagreements within The Order must be presented to the Pax Court
-All initiations of Vespertilian must succeed in the Arcanus Initiation Ritual
-Any changes to the Code, rules, rituals and customs must be done by the Mature Minuo ritual.
6. All members of The Order of Vespertilio Vampyre coven cult must respect the Code of Minuo and the legends/ myths of Vampires.


Saf (Pandora) – Coven Master
Aly (Callista) – Coven Vice
Gem (Bracken) – Coven Vice